Quotes and Shipping:

When you contact us about a possible order, all processing and shipping quotes are good for 24 hours unless otherwise stated. This is because we can get incredibly busy from one day to the next. Shipping times may vary depending on whether you order in the busy season. It can be up to 5 weeks or so for large orders to ship during wedding season.

Shipping Method:

We use USPS 2-3 day Priority generally but are open to using Fedex or UPS.

Should your order be lost, verified with tracking, we will replace it as long as you let us know immediately.


International Shipping:

Canada allows seed bombs.

Other International is available to only certain Countries so check with me or check your local ministry if they allow seed imports.

The reason they may not is due to needing to retain your local ecological environments and not introducing something foreign that may alter the environment thus creating a chain reaction that affects everything from insects that rely on certain wildflowers in that environment, to the critters that feed on those insects and, a host of other reasons .

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Renaissance Botanical

"How To" cards come with your order, can vary in size and can be customized for you.

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