Seed bombs work well in pots too!

Seed bombs are fun and educational. Kids like them, grandparents like them and those that want to enjoy all aspects of gardening find them fun as well.

Our Botanical Seed Bombs ™ are create with all natural ingredients including clay, recycled paper, soil, bloom food, seeds and pretty botanical's.

The botanical may include rose petals, calendula, peony, freesia, ranuncula, delphinium, grasses and other seasonal flowers. Our unique blend makes for seed bombs that can last a long time before needed, if stored properly.

Some ideas for seed bombs are to plant them directly into the soil, just beneath it, and to keep watered at all times. You can also squish the seed bomb and cover lightly with soil, and again, keep watered at all times.

We also offer gift boxes of seed bombs here & in our Etsy shop.


veggies & wildflowers

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Renaissance Botanical

"How To" cards come with your order, can vary in size and can be customized for you.

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